The Scope of the National Facility is to:-

  1. Conduct original R&D in advanced design, manufacture and metrology of optical and related surfaces, using state-of-the-art equipment, processes and software
  2. Develop relevant instrumentation systems and sub-systems.
  3. Exploit the capability by providing a bespoke prototyping and small-volume manufacturing service to underpin the UK Science Base, and serve national and international academic, government and industrial organisations
  4. Provide a ‘problem-solving’ capability for industry and science
  5. License R&D outputs to industry where appropriate
  6. Provide an effective environment for postgraduate teaching through original research  in challenging projects
  7. Provide an effective environment for training apprentices and other skilled staff
  8. Establish links with other relevant academic institutions world-wide through visits, conferences, joint-projects and visiting scholars
  9. Disseminate the works of the Facility within academia, science, to the general public and to schools and to government.